January 4, 2017

On Our Radar: January 2017

Here are some health stories that are on our radar this month:

Mindful Eating for a Healthier Brain-Gut Connection
Health and neuro psychologist, Jennifer Wolkin, writes about the gut-brain connection and how mindful eating is beneficial to our health, both gut health and overall health. Mindful eating can reduce stress hormones and help curb the over-eating that leaves us feeling uncomfortable.

5 Common Health Problems Meditation Alleviates
We know that meditation is generally good for our mind and body. In this article, Erik Holsather lists five, not so obvious, health issues that regular meditation can fix or reduce.

New Study: Acupuncture Improves Sleep for Breast Cancer Survivors with Hot Flashes
Meredith Begley presents new research from Jun Mao, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Chief of Integrative Medicine. He found that electro-acupuncture could help reduce hot flashes for breast cancer survivors.

The Scientific Health Benefits Of Controlled Breathing
Kalee Brown sums up research and findings that show the health benefits of controlled breathing. She presents different breathing techniques, including the Buteyko Method, and highlights how controlled breathing and meditation can help you imrpove your health.

Here's to a healthy January! Happy New Year to you.

Your Santa Monica Wellness Team


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