December 7, 2016

On Our Radar: December 2016

Here are some health stories that are on our radar this month:

Chinese Medicine
How to stay healthy this winter with Chinese medicine
Zan Jifang shares some of basic principles on how to stay healthy this winter with Chinese medicine. Among them are conserving energy, wearing a vest to prevent colds, and avoiding cold foods.

Scientists uncover genetic evidence that 'we are what we eat'
ScienceDaily shares new research from the University of Oxford demonstrating that the diets of organisms can affect the DNA sequences of their genes. "In a study on two groups of parasites, the team detected differences in DNA sequences that could be attributed to the composition of their food."

It Matters What Time You Exercise: Muscles Have Circadian Rhythm
Dr. Mercola reports on new research that gives a biological reason why daytime workouts are better: "Scientists at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, revealed that muscles have their own internal clocks and, as a result, function better during the day than they do at night."

Breast Cancer
Vitamin D May Affect Breast Cancer Survival
HealthDay reporter, Robert Preidt, reveals a new study that suggests Vitamin D levels may affect breast cancer patients' chances of survival. "Researchers analyzed data from nearly 1,700 breast cancer patients in California and found that higher vitamin D levels at diagnosis were associated with better overall survival."

Happy Holidays
‘Tis The Season For The Holiday Blues: Here’s How You Can Heal
Huffington Post contributor, psychologist Dr. Juli Fraga, helps you weather the stress of the season: "I’ve put together the acronym “H.E.A.L.” as a way to offer you some practical tools that may help you cope with the holiday blues before they turn into holiday depression."

Here's to a healthy December!

Your Santa Monica Wellness Team


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