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5:14 pm | September 27 2014

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald on Shelter Dogs and Prison Inmates in The Huffington Post

prison inmates and shelter dogsDr. Patricia Fitzgerald, founder of the Santa Monica Wellness Center and HuffPost Wellness Editor, writes on The Huffington Post about a special relationship between shelter dogs and prison inmates. In her article entitled "Who Rescued Whom? Shelter Dogs and Prison Inmates Give Each Other a New 'Leash' on Life", Dr. Fitzgerald explains a program by Karma Rescue, a nonprofit that saves at-risk dogs from high-kill shelters across Southern California.

Fitzgerald writes, "Karma Rescue partnered with the California State Prison Los Angeles County in Lancaster to create "Paws for Life," a program that matches rescued dogs with inmates who train them to boost their odds of adoption. Programs that pair inmates with shelter dogs exist across the nation, but this is the first program in California to take place at a high-security prison with inmates serving life sentences."

The results of this unique program were amazing - both for the prison inmates and the dogs. Read Dr. Fitzgerald's article HERE to find out how this program has changed not just the inmates taking care of the dogs, but the entire prison.

6:05 pm | September 3 2014

On Our Radar: Summer Edition

At The Santa Monica Wellness Center, we not only help you obtain and maintain optimum, abundant health. We also seek to educate our patients and the community about ways to stay healthy and keep them informed about latest news and advancements in integrative healthcare. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your own health and achieve your fullest potential.

That's why we started "On Our Radar" - a regular blog series on latest health news we read and recommend for you to read, too. The more informed you are, the more empowered you can be when it comes to your wellbeing.

To learn what's on our radar this month, read on.

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5:09 pm | August 1 2014

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald Shares the Special Ways Dogs Touch Our Lives on HuffPost

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, founder of the Santa Monica Wellness Center and HuffPost Wellness Editor, writes on Huffpost's The Third Metric about 30 things that only dog owners understand. As someone who has volunteered in animal rescue for a long time, Dr. Fitzgerald knows what she's writing about, and shares her top things that only dog owners experience.

Fitzgerald writes: "I'm constantly reminded of how dogs bring alive the Third Metric values of well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. They bring us joy. They keep us in the present moment. They make us laugh. They touch our hearts in the most unique way."

To read Dr. Fitzgerald's full article in The Huffington Post, click here.

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